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You’re Invited: Potluck Fondue Party

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Is it totally weird that I  get more excited about planning the food I’ll be making at my parties more than anything else? I couldn’t care less about the drinks! I recently threw a Potluck Fondue Party as a fun way to relax and reunite with friends after midterm season. I have to say, this is the perfect party theme for winter! There’s nothing like gathering your friends around the ol’ fondue pot, whether it be cheesy or chocolatey goodness. This if my second article for Small Kitchen College, and I especially had a lot of fun with the photo shoot (and, of course, eating the fondue afterwards). Read on for tips on how to throw the perfect potluck fondue party. You never know, I may have a few fondue tricks up my sleeve in the article. Chile con queso fondue in a bread bowl, anyone?

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