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Move Over Starbucks, There’s A New Drink In Town: Apple Pie Smoothie

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

It’s officially red cup season at Starbucks, and we all know what that means: extra long lines, and for what? A red cup! I have to admit, the red cups do seem to have some magical power of making their drinks taste better. I particularly love seeing the new designs they come out with each year. You can read about this year’s design in a blog post by Starbucks’ creative director, Daniele Monti.

So, what do you do when you don’t feel like waiting in those extra long lines for your holiday drink? Make your own drink at home in 5 minutes or less! I was inspired by a drink I had at Jamba Juice the other day, the Pumpkin Smash smoothie (mmm…it was delicious!). I’m sure it’s not the healthiest drink in the world either, so I decided to make my very own holiday drink: “Better than Grandma’s Apple Pie” Smoothie. (more…)