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Bitchen in the Kitchen – Episode #1 Promo

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

We are wrapping up the 4th episode of Bitchen in the Kitchen and I am proud to see the web series really starting to come together now. The first episode will be out in just 2 days! I battle In-N-Out to create a healthier and tastier alternative of their Animal Style cheeseburger in less time. Will my Shroom Ba Da Boom Burger beat the infamous Animal Style cheeseburger? You’ll have to find out on May 2. (more…)

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A Guilty Indulgence

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Being an employee of Quiznos can be a curse sometimes. Working 3-hour shifts around the aroma of toasted subs can really get to a person, especially when they’re hungry. I’ll admit, I can’t help but give in to my cravings at times and order a sandwich! One of the more popular sandwiches to order at Quiznos is the Double Cheese Cheesesteak: Prime Rib, sautéed onions, mayonnaise, Italian seasoning, and double Swiss cheese. Although I never order this sub, I was craving it this week and decided to make my own version of it.


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Cheese, Please!: A Sandwich for the Hungriest Muenster

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Thank goodness for the three-day weekend! The new year is already starting off a bit hectic, so I was definitely in need of some comfort food (and this week’s recipe certainly hits the spot). With those dreaded 8AM classes, a new menu to memorize at work, and the never-ending search for internships, I was more than happy to have an extra day off to enjoy a comfort food favorite.

This grilled cheese ain’t no ordinary sandwich though. It’s got double the amount of cheese with Muenster cheese in the middle and parmesan-crusted bread that resembles a Monte Cristo sandwich (you know, those sandwiches they serve at the Blue Bayou restaurant inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland). For those of you who have never tried Muenster cheese, it’s a soft and mellow white cheese with an orange rind that is oh-so-perfect for melting! (more…)

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Gobble, Gobble: Thanksgiving in a Roll

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Working at Quiznos always gets me thinking of creative sandwich recipes I could make for myself at home. Just the other day I was craving Thanksgiving food when I walked into Trader Joe’s and saw they already had their Thanksgiving goodies out. And then it hit me: I could make the ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich.

The rosemary in the bread roll helps in preventing different cancers, particularly breast cancer. It also reduces skin aging effects and inflammation, minimizing the chances of having asthma, liver disease, and heart disease. Rosemary is effective in maintaining an efficient digestive system, producing more bile to reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. (more…)