April 25th, 2012

love avocados. With their rich, smooth and buttery consistency, I’m rendered helpless when it comes to resisting them! I’m not surprised that they’re known as “butter fruit” to many cultures. My fondness of this exotic fruit is legendary at parties I’ve thrown, where my homemade guacamole is the first thing to disappear.

Guacamole isn’t the only thing I’ve made to acclaim with avocados. I like to use them in all types of recipes, not only for their flavor, but also their nutritional value. Mayonnaise, butter and eggs can all be subbed out, avocados subbed in instead. Try avocados in drinks, ice cream, pasta sauces, and even cupcakes. The Choco-Cado Cupcakes pictured above were the moistest and fluffiest cupcakes I’ve ever eaten. Don’t doubt the avocado, folks – it’s got magical powers!

For creative uses (and recipes!) for avocados, check out my latest post over at Small Kitchen College!

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