January 28th, 2012

No, I didn’t gain weight. Yes, I still have a small kitchen. But what does this all mean? I recently found out that I will be a contributing writer for Small Kitchen College, a college food blog that was founded by Big Girls, Small Kitchen. If you’re looking for simple and tasty recipes, useful & relevant cooking tips, and college food stories, this is the blog to follow (their tweets & Facebook posts are entertaining, too!).

The folks over at Small Kitchen College are all about being adventurous with cooking no matter how few resources, time, or skills one may have,  and I totally stand by this. Last night, for instance, I made seared ahi tuna tartare with wasabi mayo, micro greens, sweet cucumber garnish, tomato, avocado, & cilantro on heart-shaped toast points. In a college apartment kitchen with a few kitchen tools when I have so many other things going on? Yes, I did!

Besides reaching over 70,000 readers each month, the posts on Small Kitchen College also reach the readers on The Huffington Post, College Candy, Her Campus, USA Today, College Cures, and other partner sites. I can’t wait to start writing about all things food-related for such a large audience of readers!

Another thing I love about writing for Small Kitchen College is that I get to improve my entrepreneurial skills by learning how to better promote my writing online. I have already learned so much in the past two days as I was sent on Twitter & Facebook scavenger hunts (but seriously, I am all tweet-ed out!) and will be going on a Pinterest scavenger hunt on Monday. Speaking of which, follow me on Twitter! I promise there will be lots of yummy food info and photos for you to enjoy.

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One Response to “Officially a Big Girl in a Small Kitchen”

  1. Leah says:

    You’ll have a blast on the Pinterest hunt! Beware, though, as it is quite addictive and a major time consumer. I just spent 5 hours setting up my boards and didn’t realize how the time just flew! Check mine out…you should also consider joining and adding a Pinterest button after your posts so it’s easier for your readers to pin your posts to their boards. It’s a great way to advertise your site!